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As AltınSoft, we are renewing our infrastructure to provide the newest and best services to our esteemed customers.
We use the latest technology products. We provide 24/7 uninterrupted service thanks to the Raid technologies and Cloud technologies
we use on the servers. We are always backed up in the event of a possible hardware failure.

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AltınSoft Team is online 24/7. We are working around the clock to provide uninterrupted and high quality service to our valued customers.
Our team of experts respond to any problems immediately. In this way we started in 2006, we are taking firm steps to announce our name in the international market.
We know that we have come to this point where we have come today thanks to our valuable customers.

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As AltınSoft Information Technologies, we are constantly improving ourselves to provide the newest and best services to our valued customers.
We are constantly improving our systems with our team of experts.
We develop our customer control panel and many service applications running in the background ourselves.
You can easily do all the management procedures related to the services you purchase through our Advanced Control Panel.


With 15 years of experience in the sector, we offer uninterrupted service to our valued customers.
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We provide 7/24 uninterrupted service with the latest technology hardware and software products. AltınSoft is a privilege ...
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General Description

Among the control panels where you can easily implement hosting operations, Plesk Panel stands out. Plesk Panel that helps you manage your website; It helps you to perform operations such as changing domain names, creating an e-mail account, setting folder permissions and opening various directories in an extremely simple way. In this way, it prevents you from wasting time while performing hosting related operations. Plesk Panel, which you can use on all websites, can be installed on Linux and Windows operating systems. To install Plesk Panel on Linux, it is enough to enter a few codes on the SSH screen. To install on Windows, you need to download the installation file with the .exe extension, which is accessible for Windows users, and make your personal settings. Plesk, which is used in 32 different languages ​​worldwide and has more than 11 million users; A popular control panel to manage all types of servers, applications, websites and hosting activities. Without a control panel, using the command line interface to manage a server requires expertise, but thanks to control panels like Plesk, you can easily do all the management tasks. Tags: Plesk license, plesk panel license, plesk licence, plesk panel licenses, buy plesk, buy plesk panel.